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How to Test Virginity Girl at Temple

Written By IdesAS on Thursday, May 5, 2011 | 8:01 AM

Virginity Test, aka I know that the woman was a virgin or not, there is the most fun way to find out, do not ever ask the women "are you a virgin?" Because this question will make it hurt. Better to take just the doi tour to a temple, well who knows he does not know when I'm in the virginity test. Sukuh Temple is located in the village of Sukuh, Berjo Village, District Ngargoyoso, Karanganyar district, Central Java. Sukuh Temple is an ancient Javanese temple relic located on the western slopes of Mount Lawu, at an altitude of approximately 910 m above sea level. The distance from Solo approximately 35 km could be covered with four-wheel vehicles arrived at the place. From Solo journey to Coral Pandan then headed towards the village of Myrtle, and after we meet the intersection of three, then we take the direction leading to the east. A long time ago if people want to reach the top Sukuh must pass through a long stone staircase from the plains up to the temple in the courtyard. Page Sukuh Temple itself consists of 3 terraces. Noting the order in Temple Terrace Sukuh many people trying to link the art with the art of Egypt or Mexico. Due to enter the terrace we first must pass through the gate, that if we look at the bottom of this arch-like pylon (gate to enter the pyramid) from Egypt. To the left and right at the gate that there is a relief that shows clearly that the reference is the year tertentu.Kita see on the left is a picture of a man who was swallowed by a giant. At the gate read candra sengkala "Bhutto gapuro Aban wong". On top of a tree there are some birds, being under notice there is a dog that terrible event. Please note that the literature of Java give specific figures on the building or the reliefs on the items contained in each gate gate means 9. Giant means 5, swallowing means 3 and human 1. Then the arrangement of numbers is read from the rear and Java lies the year 1357 or year 1437 AD.
While the relief on the right shows the same year with candra sengkala which reads "Bhutto gapuro nahut bu (n) tut" which means the figure in 1359 Caka.Relief is in the form of an image is being run the giant snake bite. On it there are creatures who was hovering and a reptile. Floor we see any relief Ling (female genitalia) dealing with the opposite sex Yoni (male genitalia), maybe a picture that has to do with the fact that the temple reliefs Sukuh with genitals that relative fertility ceremonies.

What is certain is NOT a joke ROUGH, but by the mystical beliefs of course. That said, the story goes, to test the virginity of a girl or loyalty. If these girls do any wicked, if passed relieves WILL tear apart the fabric and or blood shed (if fitted Mens, how ya? Do not want the test deh). If it is not dishonorable behavior will selamatlah he passed the relief of Yoni and Linga.
And if the man who did oblique, with relief that will pass unnoticed, with evidence of the man WILL peed once. Well you know, if you want nglewati do not drink plenty of water before deh. Who's who already have a wife / husband when melangkahii these reliefs must have wanted more ... he he he ... what ya wanted?Prove yourself a sense of his wish later. Actually if you want to write a complete story about the Temple Sukuh pretty much the story, writing this small piece of writing I ever fit in the print media being serialized in 1986 and then, so I wrote the appropriate title. The important thing, apart from it all, we must respect the human remains as small as the sharing of any ancestor, because it's part of the history of our nation that should be upheld.
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